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What Are Others Saying?

How We Go From Office Honeymoon to Hater

Best Job EVER!! To "I Hate My Job and Everyone In it"....What Happened?! Many of us would like to seek out jobs like the ones described in the old Confucius quote "Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life." Sounds like a great gig....

Dear Ms/Mr. Manager

http://ecc.energy/savings-product-indoor-weather-report/ Calculate Savings In a recent IWR case study report of a 1986 built 4th floor commercial building, the Indoor Weather Report: HVAC Sensor calculated a $22,136 annual savings benefit at least. This same building...

Office Temperature Hacks

Too Hot? Too Cold? 16 Hacks for Dealing With Unruly Office Temperatures From HubSpot - Written by Carly Stec https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/office-temperature-hacks My relationship with office temperatures can best be described through the following Katy Perry...


Solving Temperature Problems How do you get your voice heard when there the temp is too hot or too cold? Let us...

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Who We Are

Your office Savior! Just kidding…but in all seriousness, we are just like you. Fed up with sitting in an office freezing in the summers and overheating in the winters. We believe that given the right data and statistics we can make any office to adopt more employee friendly practices (and as an added bonus, building efficiency will save the business money in utilities and saves the environment by reducing energy usage. All while keeping you happy- win win!)

What We Do

We’ve gathered countess sources, information, and conducted our own tests to prove how energy efficient operations benefits the planet and the business but we want to build an even better argument. By asking actual veterans of the typical office environment to voice their opinions about the office. The good and the bad we want to hear about it all! So help us out today by answering the question above! 

How We Do It

So you fill out the form, then what? Well, we map the number of unsatisfied office workers and focus in on ‘hot spot’ locations. Using those areas of data, we build a case of solutions and statistics, to see if we can improve the building efficiency. We report and share our results publicly to encourage even more offices to become efficient. In the end, your input helps us help the people of the corporate business world…and the planet…and company profits!

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