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Best Job EVER!! To “I Hate My Job and Everyone In it”….What Happened?!

Many of us would like to seek out jobs like the ones described in the old Confucius quote “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

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Sounds like a great gig. However, according to an article on “No job is as wonderful as it seems when we interview for it…” and many of use will have what is know as the Honeymoon Phase of our jobs at first until reality sets in, followed by the first year learning curve. After a while you begin to feel more confident in working autonomously. Then a cloud of doubt causes turmoil in the workplace. You begin to question the work habits of your manager, snark at others work commitment levels, and dispute the company strategy overall. Understanding you can do nothing to mitigate the previous issues you loose your work motivation entirely. You churn miserably through tasks you find annoying with people around you who do nothing add to the daily strain. You drive up to work with the expression of that woman in the 2009 SuperBowl ad 

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Is this you when you roll up to work?

Is there any hope?

YES! More and more are finding purpose in their jobs by mentally stationing yourself into a happier state of employment. There are countless articles and studies for employers and employees alike to discover ways that increase office happiness. Just Google It .  More businesses have recognized this is a major problem (which is the first step toward solving it). More and more of the newer American workforce, are not content with ‘just-for-a-paycheck’ type jobs as it almost guarantees burnout inevitability. This can cause higher turnover rates, and a foot-dragging workforce, that puts a strain on companies as well. However, community based companies, purpose driven business strategies, and continuous digital discussions around this very topic are what is giving rise to more positive work environments.

How do you participate is pushing the very culture of the traditional workforce? Start by self evaluating before you evaluate whats around you, seek a personal purpose over personal idealism, and never stop growing/practicing/perfecting/improving to avoid those pits of immobility.  Check out and get involved in the continuously growing discussions – some resources we have linked here….

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